Earn While You Learn

International students at Work-Study USA program have possible options of off-campus employment which will provide the students with the maximum income possible, considering the skills and abilities of each person. The work option majorly depends on the Student Visa Type i.e. F1, J1 or M1.

Work Study Opportunities Include:

  • Employment available for international students
  • Work during the day and take classes in evenings or on weekends
  • Employment is with off campus companies Students are paid regular “American” wages
  • Both part time or full time employment available
  • The work-study program is available for both Undergraduate and Master students•
  • Work-study employment positions are currently available at all schools.

The earning can be kept by the work-study students and used for the tuition and living cost in the US, and help you reach your educational and professional goals in the USA.

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